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Blamspam's Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl Tv Review

Rated: 8

Yawara! is a worthwhile series for anime fans of all walks of life. With elements of comedy, drama, action, slice-of-life, sports anime, and romance, it makes a person laugh, sigh, cry and cheer. It tends to be a tough sell, though, because of the lack of availability in most countries. It's interesting that it was advertised as a sister series to Ranma but became far more popular than that one in its own country... but we all know about the popularity of Ranma everywhere else. Yawara is a great story of one life that shouldn't be missed. If only somebody could be convinced of it. This series was not only an excellent look into the world of judo, but of Japanese culture as well. I've officially become a fan of Yawara.

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Blamspam's Oniisama e... Tv Review

Rated: 8

Sometimes soapy, sometimes haunting, sometimes too melodramatic - no matter what, this anime is always engaging and emotional. Sometimes, emotionally taxing. There are things that seem almost too sick to watch any more, and other times, cute scenes between friends. Once the series picks up, it is hard to stop watching. Because of each little knot of mystery unraveled each episode, it gets addicting. The fans watching it for cheesy melodrama can have what they want, but the ones that want to take it seriously can as well. It all depends on your taste.

Nanako says at the end of each episode, "Oniisama, there is no end to my tears." It applies to this moving, frustrating, painful, and ultimately hopeful anime series as well.

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Blamspam's Key the Metal Idol Ova Review

Rated: 7

The different genres here - psychological horror, action, idol girls, mecha, military, and the old androids dreaming of electric sheep question, are all twisted and intertwined in the strangest and most surprising ways. I would never have guessed that there would be an anime combining Shinto mysticism, conspiracy theories, idol singers, mecha warfare and cute robot girls and have it not be a Frankenstein's monster of regurgitated anime premises. It's certainly weird, and certainly interesting, but by combining all these, fans of the individual parts might be turned off by it. (I went in expecting moe robot Idol Densetsu Eriko at one point, and luckily I like enough different things that I wasn't bothered by finding it was NOT that.

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